3 year old Justin is desperately seeking a kind and structured foster home, so he can get out of his board and train facility, where he graduated after an 8 week course.

According to his trainer, Justin is a very polite dog, who needs a quiet home. He will be a great companion for a single woman or a couple. He can stay alone in the house, without any problem.

He can also be a great protector.

Justin is in a foster to adopt program, so fosters will be able to adopt him in Houston.

Justin is very velcro and loving and super loyal pup. He is almost 80 lb and

very sweet, housebroken pup. He is fully vetted, neutered, chipped, heartworm negative.

To foster or adopt this sweet pup, please

Email : savesomesoulsrescue@gmail.com or apply via www.savesomesouls.com



A Texas-Based K9 Rescue

Claire was rescued by Save Some Souls from a high-kill shelter, and taken to Austin by her foster mom Hasna. However, the very first two nights, Claire would stay by the door and cry. She would not eat and would vomit. The vet gave her meds to take care of her kennel cough and vomit, but it did not stop her crying. When in the backyard, she would jump in and out of the pool, as if trying to say something. The third day, Claire jumped an 8' high fence while in the backyard with Hasna. A frantic Hasna followed her, only to lose her into the woods. A few hours later, Claire was back and crying again. It was a Sunday. She had been at the place only a day and half, and knew her way back. That's how smart the shelter pets are.

On Monday, Claire started shivering and her breathing was so labored, that she was immediately taken to the hospital by Hasna. The vet called us and told us that her xray revealed a bag of rotten chicken, including debris that she must have eaten to stay alive. 

The condition of Houston dogs is not unknown in the nation. Our strays and owned pets in the hands of wrong people suffer everyday beyond comprehension. Claire was such a victim of cruelty.

On top of that she had aspiration pneumonia, confirmed by her chest x-ray.

Claire was given a 50% chance of survival when she was discharged from the hospital on Tuesday, after her emergency surgery to remove the rotten trash, including debris and bones blocking her intestine, and causing her unbearable pain, that she was trying to tell her foster mom from day one - something she lived with, God knows for how long.

However, the person responsible for Claire's turnaround in only a week is her amazing foster-mom Hasna, and her mother, who is a retired vet. Claire could not have been in better hands, as they brought her back to life, monitoring her day and night, measuring her temperature, doing nebulization for her lungs to get the blockage cleared from her pneumonia and bringing her fever down. It was way more challenging than what was anticipated, but they handled it so smoothly.

Although fearful what might come, Hasna's constant nursing of Claire brought her back to life.

A week after her surgery, Claire started walking several blocks with Hasna, and does not like to leave her side. She knows who her angel is and she is fiercely loyal towards her.

We are forever grateful to Hasna and her mom for this incredible journey that they had with this beautiful girl, who has suffered her pain alone, before and during her shelter stay.

Today, she is healthy, adopted to a wonderful home in Colorado where her forever mom Debbie drove down to meet with Hasna in Abilene so Claire could have a smooth transition. Now, enjoying the beauty of Colorado Spring with her mom and brothers, Claire has a new life full of joy and love, made possible by her foster mom.

Fosters are the reason our puppies make it alive from the shelters, and fosters keep their hearts beating forever.

4 month old Poncho got surrendered to our rescue when his owner found out that they cannot have pets in their rental property.

This 8 lb pup used to be kept in the porch for the longest time, and. never socialized. He is very scared but is a sweet pup, who loves to play with another dog. So having a confident pup will help him get out of his shell.

Poncho has his shots, and is neutered and chipped.

To foster this sweet pup, please

Email : savesomesoulsrescue@gmail.com or apply via www.savesomesouls.com

 If you wish to foster, please fill out the Foster application form.

700 plus dogs are currently in euthanasia list of our high kill shelter. More than 50 dogs come up dumped on the side of the street everyday. We urgently need fosters who will take in a recently rescued shelter or abandoned animal into your home and care for it until SSS can find a loving forever home. These animals are all in need of love, affection, patience, care and compassion.

We need long-term and short term fosters to save dogs urgently. We also need caring and committed fosters for dogs who are abandoned and therefore are shy, scared and need a lot of patience  and help to restore their faith in humans.

Most everything you need to care for your foster dog (crate, food, bowl, etc.) will be provided by SSS. The most important part of your job will be to help reintroduce your foster dog to a home environment by giving him/her some basic training, socialization and lots of love.

For Puppy Fosters : Puppy fosters have a more difficult job of keeping their puppies safe, as puppies can get sick from any little thing. Before you foster puppies, please make sure that you are in a position to take such responsibility. 

Puppies stay longer in foster homes, and need to get to vet appointments more times than an adult dog.  Are you able to take them to the vet?
Are you able to separate your foster puppies from your own pets and keep them in an enclosed area for the entire time?
Are you able to keep your foster puppies safe from germs and contagions?
Are you able to follow the NO PAWS ON GROUND rule?

Are you able to clean up immediately after your foster puppies?
Are you able to housebreak your foster puppies when time comes?

Are you able to make sure that puppies do not get into stuff, as they have the tendency to get curious and can chew anything?
Can you commit to spending the entire foster period with the puppies, monitoring them when they are out of the crate, and crating them when you are away?
Are you prepared to bring the puppies back at the end of the foster period?
Are you able to sacrifice your sleep as some puppies do stay up all night?

Are you able to sacrifice your social life as puppies need love and human contact at all times?
If you answered “yes” to all these questions, then you can be trusted with our puppies.

Adoption Process :
When a potential adopter contacts SSS, we will review the application to meet our standards. If approved, we will put you (the foster) in touch with the applicant so that you can contact them to arrange a meeting. These meetings can be performed via facetime or at your house, their house, or a neutral location (whatever you feel comfortable with). We give our volunteers a say in who they place their dog with. So, if you feel as though someone is not the best match, let us know, and we will find a different home for your foster.

It is a good idea to socialize your foster dog as much as possible to eliminate fear of new situations/people/dogs. A great way to do this is to go to Petco or Petsmart on a weekly basis and let people approach your foster dog. Always be careful to read signs of a fearful dog. If the dog cowers or shakes or growls, ask the person to step back. As soon as the dog seems more trusting (tail wagging, approaching the person on their own), let the person pet your pup. Another way to help a scared dog become more trusting is to carry treats with you and have strangers feed your dog. Other tips are available; just ask!

You can choose the type of dog you wish to foster. It gives us a chance to contact you with the puppy if we rescue a similar type. After you let us know your criteria (i.e. age, size, gender) we will do our best to match you with a perfect foster dog. If we have several dogs needing rescue, we may send you pictures and descriptions of each. In this case, you can choose your exact foster dog.

If you wish to foster, please fill out the foster application