If you like to meet any of our adoptable pets in person, or via facetime, please fill out our adoption application

We appreciate your interest to adopt than buy. We have many purebred and mixed breed dogs, who are healthy and sweet and would love to have a home of their own.

We adopt out of state, however out of state adopters must pay for transport.

If you choose one of our pets, please submit the initial application form. Please let your veterinarian know to release your pet's records to us. We will void the application after 48 hours if we cannot get hold of your references or vet records.
Once your application is matched with the pet you have applied for, you are scheduled for a meet and greet with the puppy via facetime or whatsapp. If the meet goes well, we process your application and a home check is conducted in person or via facetime.

We spay/neuter ALL our animals prior to adoption. Therefore our pups are only available to travel after they are fixed and healed. If you are interested in an intact pup, please know that, if approved, you will have to wait till the pup is fixed and healed before they can travel to you.

If you are unable to wait, we request you to choose a different pup who is able to travel immediately.

Please understand that our pets come from very different places, and many of them have been victims of cruelty and abandonment, and may have witnessed near-death situation in shelters and on the streets. They need love, compassion and consistency before they can be whole again. Please do not judge them by their disposition when they first arrive at your home, as they still need to decompress and adjust to the change.

We are not desperate to adopt out our pups. We want to make sure the home is a true forever home. Therefore, if your very active home is not a match for the lazy dog you have fallen in love with, please do not force the adoption. If after a facetime, we feel our malinois puppy with sharp teeth is going to traumatize your senior pooch, we will not continue with the adoption. We try to find the right pup for you, and it may take time, but we believe that adoption should not be a stressful event, and dogs should not be taken on a trial basis. They are not furniture. So, we like to work with you to find your forever pup.

Once you have adopted a pup, please follow the 3-3-3 rule for a wonderful experience with your new family member. Our malinois and German Shepherd trainer is always available to work with you via facetime to continue helping the dog you adopted.
We try to work with our adopters on a very personal level. If you have any question, please feel free to email us.

Please follow our facebook page and instagram and share the wonderful pets we have in our program with your friends and family so they may find a good home for themselves.

If you like to meet any of our adoptable pets in person, or via facetime, please fill out our adoption application

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