July 30, 2020 : Save Some Souls received a senior pug who was found on the streets. Because of her microchip, we could reach out to her father, and learned that she was Joyce, one of the two pugs, stolen from New Jersey in 2018. Joyce's dad Joe Savaca had been looking for his two beloved pugs for 2 years.
On Aug 14, with the help of the fantastic group Pilots and Paws, Joyce left Houston to go home to New Jersey where an entire family awaits her with bated breath.

Meantime, her brother Basil is still missing. We need help to find this sweet black pug, who is now 10 years old.

There is a possibility that Basil might be in the same area where Joyce was found, near South Houston. If you have any knowledge of Basil, or you would like to help in searching for him, please contact us.

Camille arriving Manhattan safely with her parents is our best Christmas gift this year πŸ’–πŸŽπŸ˜‡πŸŒ²πŸΎβ€οΈ

9 months ago, our sweet Belgian Malinois girl Camille came to us from a rural #Texas shelter, where she was confined to an outdoor kennel for two months. Our intake coordinator saw her circling the kennel, with her malinois energy, and pulled her. We had no foster, so she went to a boarding, where she stayed for a month in a crate.
Luckily, Camille got accepted in a training program, and went to live with our malinois trainer.

A couple months later, she found a home boarding, and completed her heartworm treatment, again being crated for another 30 days.

We had many applications for Camille, but sadly they were not a match.

Three months later, Camille was viciously attacked by a pup at the boarding and changed three foster homes in one week.

The girl went through so much, yet she trusts humans with all her heart and has so much love to offer. She touches every soul she meets. Yet we couldn’t find one single home for her.

Finally our prayers were answered and we found her perfect family in New York, but we did not know how to send her there, as she developed an enormous fear of confinement, from being crated so many times at a stretch.
Her foster dad Matt did not think she could endure the ground transport, even with trazadone, due to her anxiety and fear.

Learning this, her dad Matteo decided to fly down to Houston and drive back with Camille.

We sought help from @pilotsnpaws and their pilot Joe stepped up to take her to Knoxville, Tennessee, if we could meet him at Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
We immediately hired a private transport to drive her to Baton Rouge.

Camille’s parents met her at #knoxvilletn airport, and she drove back with them to #manhattannyc, bonding all the way.

This is the commitment we were looking for and we cannot be more excited for Camille, and wait to see her transform into a yankee πŸ˜‚πŸ’•!!

Happy Tails, sweet Camille. (She is now renamed Luna)

Adopt, Don't shop



The pictures from our pet parents have always been the greatest impetus for us [πŸ’•] [πŸ’•] [πŸ’•] [πŸ’•]
Sweet Benji was waiting for someone to take him out of confinement, at the #HarrisCountyAnimalShelter of Texas, a few months ago.
Look at him now, as he enjoys his first snow with his brother, in Maine.


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