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Please help us pay Buddy's vet bill which was caused by a tragic incident when one of our foster dogs escaped and attacked him.

We have limited funding that we use for taking care of monthly boarding costs and vetting of sick dogs who have been with us for months. We are in no position to pay off these unexpected vet costs without your help.
If you are unable to donate, please help us by sharing this post, so we can continue to work for the pups like we have been doing.  Thank you for caring.


Adopt, Don't shop


We could help Jax because someone stepped up to save his life. There are several needy pets in the shelter, who need a chance to be saved. If you wish to foster any dog, please fill out the foster application and send it back to us at 
Fostering truly saves lives.


  • FIX YOUR PET to eradicate pet overpopulation via more unfixed oops litters.
  • IT IS LEGAL to smash the window after calling 911 if you see an animal (or child) in a hot car.
  • MICROCHIP YOUR PET and keep your information updated at all times for their safety.
  • ANIMALS HAVE SOUL. They understand, fear, rejoice, feel. Don't hurt them.

Our puppies live in foster homes across Texas. If you wish to meet any of them, please fill out an adoption application and we will get you in touch with their foster parent. Visit our adoptable pups here.

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JAX was dumped in a kill-shelter by his previous owner, severely neglected and suffering.

He would have been euthanized, had it not been for the wonderful Crowley family, who stepped up to foster him, and allowed Save Some Souls to rescue him out of the shelter, wagging his tail, instead of in a black bag.

We made a promise to Jax that he would never be abandoned, nor would he ever suffer again.

Exactly a month later, Jax was officially adopted by his foster parents, who sent us his transformation picture.

This is what love, care and stability can do to a dog.

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